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35 Times Rafael Nadal Sent Tennis Commentators WILD!

On his 35th birthday, a tribute to the mind-blowing talent of Rafael Nadal! SUBSCRIBE to our channel for the best ATP tennis videos and tennis highlights:

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20 bình luận trong “35 Times Rafael Nadal Sent Tennis Commentators WILD!

  1. Every videos i watch with nadal there is always almagro who is bored of him ahahah so funny. I think he prefers when nadal is his teammate at the davis cup lmao

  2. I love watching Djokovic and Nadal matches. Proper slugfests that have an element of comedy to them. The RG Semi Final in 2013 had Djokovic turning into a pantomime villain as he couldn't believe some of the shots Nadal was pulling off. 😅

  3. Never wanted this video to end…some of the shots from AO final 2022 can be added to this list especially that last shot of the 40 shot rally…

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