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ATP Tennis Stars Play Word Association!

Joker? Underrated? GOAT? ATP tennis players play a game of word association…SUBSCRIBE to our channel for the best ATP tennis videos and tennis highlights:

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  1. GOATdal duh… he’s only played half a career due to injuries and has more slams then both Weakvak and Roger 😂!!! It’s not even a question. Not debatable 😂!!!

  2. I claim that the ATP Association is a criminal association. The reason is simple, this institution allows corrupt activity on championships. Just observe the so many times players cheat on court and they are getting away because the ATP Association does not rule. Let me explain. Rafael Nadal in so many matches, against Shapovalov, Medvedev, Kyrgios, etc, has apply a technique of harassing to upset the opponent and in this way win the match. Nadal: Shows extreme mannerisms on court, steal time in several ways by serving whenever he wants and taking time of, and much worst, distracts the opponent by telling him when to serve by signaling with his racket. Why these activities are criminal actions? Simple: Professional tennis is about winning money and prestige that it is use to further make more money. So all these cheater like Nadal are stealing MILLIONS of dollars from hard working hones professional tennis players, and therefore Nadal is a criminal. And also, the ATP Tennis Association is also a criminal institution because it allows this to happen repeatedly.

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  5. Even the best players on the pro tour have said it now. I don't think there is any debate on who is the GOAT. The majority of tennis fans say it, and now it seems players inside the pro tour who have a lot more knowledge about the game say it too. This was never a debate though, Roger Federer will always be the greatest player of all time. Very disappointing that @TennisTV didn't show his photo at the end of the question, even though literally everyone said Federer.

  6. "Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi" 🇵🇰
    Would like to learn more about this association, like when/how did they meet, hang out, talk about etc. 🤩 And the way he pronounces it IM- 🥺

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