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Best ATP Tennis Match Point Saves! 😮 Part 2

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38 bình luận trong “Best ATP Tennis Match Point Saves! 😮 Part 2

  1. Personaly i prefer seeing match points saved and winning the match after…. Saving one and then losing a few points later is not a big deal tbh
    You still lost..

  2. I got to say, you're losing 6-2, 5-1 and you save a match point with a flashy shot….. and???? You're getting blown away and being flashy is so important to you? I've always been disappointed with Monfils being an underachiever by showboating. (Was finally happy to see him "come around" and get focused and started winning pre Covid)

  3. Lol the first one with Monfils, it doesn’t matter what you do to save a match point if you’re down 6-2, 5-1 against the world no. 1. It’s a lot more impressive if you go on to win the match!

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