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Best Celebrations 🎉: ONLY IN TENNIS VOL. 3

Winning in STYLE. The third episode of our ‘Only in Tennis’ series..Watch official ATP tennis streams all year round:

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22 bình luận trong “Best Celebrations 🎉: ONLY IN TENNIS VOL. 3

  1. Rafa's 3 sidestep dance followed by a high leap is a one-of-a-kind celebration – he did that in the 2005 rolandGarros and in the 2016 olympics… amazing… all these others are pretty patchy… the one who did a fish like move also did a good job of celebrating…but did he win like Rafa…? whatever he does (even his limited english but sensible commentary) stands apart from what the others do… truly one of a kind…

  2. 💯% Nadal ! But they are all good and a pleasure to watch. It just makes me smile to watch … The sheer joy, elation and relief is infectious to watch and share with them . Djokovic’ is none of these . It’s just poor cringe PR …

  3. Can people be objective 😥 If Rafa is your favouritr player that doesn't make him the most handsome,smartest,fastest,kindest etc…His celebration is shit compared to Tsonga or Youzny

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