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Cards Against Humanity: ATP Tennis Style Part 2

This time Sascha & Mischa Zverev, Marcelo Melo and Diego Schwartzman join the party…Watch official ATP tennis streams all year round:

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37 bình luận trong “Cards Against Humanity: ATP Tennis Style Part 2

  1. It's the first time I'm seeing such nice playing games ! Definitely I want my childhood back ! At least the years when I was jumping over the fence of the hospital's backyard to play tennis with my brother and cousins on the only tennis-court in town : the doctors' court ! ( sometimes we used the front gate, because my mom was a nurse at that hospital and all the guardians knew the kids around !!!) 😄🤗😘😘😘

  2. April 2019:
    "I really dont like roger Federer playing on clay, its really boring and outdated'

    Jun 2019:
    French Open – Semi Final
    Madrid Open – Quarter Final
    Italian Open – Quarter Final

    Oops 😮 :p

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