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Crazy tennis from Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray – 2015 Shanghai Rolex Masters SF

Check out this incredible rally between Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray as they met in the Shanghai Rolex Masters semi-final.

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42 bình luận trong “Crazy tennis from Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray – 2015 Shanghai Rolex Masters SF


    වෙරළට පිටුපසින් සහ තනි කුළුණ හිමිදිරි පාන්දර හිරු එළිය වැටේ


    කාපට් හරහා ඔහ්ආදරණීයඇගේ යට ඇඳුම් හසොක් එකකට උඩින් ඇඳ තිබීම


    සාමාන්‍ය පද්ධති වාහන ආරාධිත අමුත්තා සහ ඒ සමඟ යුධ යාත්‍රා සමූහයක්


    බොහෝ පැමිණිලි අතර මම අනෙක් අය සමඟ එළියට ආවෙමි

  5. Come on Murray. Coming out of the late Gasquet match Bernie Tomic had some unreal outright slice winners and amazing winners, and won more games in the first set than you did in the whole match. If you can't beat Djokovic, at least show more heart than the Aussie tank engine.

  6. Nothing against Djokovic, He's a great player, but it's bad for the sport when you see the Number 1 player demolish the Number 2. The guy is just on another level, and as a viewer it makes it really boring for me to watch, to see him spank nearly everybody. The only player that can challenge Djokovic is old Fed

  7. This is embarrassing for tennis really. Having Andy Murray as the world number 2 and getting beat like this shows how weak the competition is right now. Tsonga will get destroyed and Novak will go on to win another EASY masters title. That was never the case over a year ago. The only guy who can beat Novak is a 34 year old Roger getting close to retirement, that is pretty hilarious. Nadal and Murray are getting spanked every time.

  8. To bad that I'm not from Serbia. Oh, wait a second, I'm… Go NOLE to the immortality. Federer is best ever but you can be better then that.. 🙂 Serbiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… NOVAK SERBIAN LEGEND

  9. It's clear as day that right now, in this form, Novak cannot possibly be outplayed at the baseline. You've got to serve well to have any chance against him at all. Murray didn't and got thrashed, simple as that.

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