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Fan Zhendong vs Liang Jingkun | 2021 World Table Tennis Championships Finals | MS | SF

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30 bình luận trong “Fan Zhendong vs Liang Jingkun | 2021 World Table Tennis Championships Finals | MS | SF

  1. There is no one who can compare to FZD right now.not even Ma long(he is the GOAT though).He is the rightful owner of the title and may be many more in near future.the way he changes his play in between points and cope up anything is outstanding.He is not just good with powershots but the slow play as well.the mix up of speed in rallies shows vary mature game play and confidence.He is not trying to overpower players with power only anymore but his whole game plan.

  2. that's the most boring video of table tennis I've ever seen for a game from this level of playing. this cutting has no sense and we loose all the beauty of the game. Why don't you change rules and keep only points where people scream or do some unusual thing so that we completely change the rules in order to make table tennis an interesting video to watch?… crazy people you are. I go back to watch TRUE table tennis where it is still possible. bye bye world table tennis

  3. Жесть просто на сколько Фан хорош. Такого Фана только Ма Лонг может остановить.

  4. “If that was a business plan”; seriously. Why was anyone other than you commentating the matches there. I was hoping to run into you. What a great event that Houston hosted.

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