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GENERATION GAME: Federer vs Kuerten | Indian Wells 2003 2nd Round Highlights

The first in our series looking back on some special cross-generational match ups we’ve been lucky to see on the ATP Tour over the years! SUBSCRIBE to our channel for the best ATP tennis videos and tennis highlights:

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49 bình luận trong “GENERATION GAME: Federer vs Kuerten | Indian Wells 2003 2nd Round Highlights

  1. partidaço do Guga e do Federer
    todos nós fãs de tênis lamentamos a lesão do Guga, teríamos mais jogos históricos dele contra o Federer e também contra o Nadal

  2. I was a kid when Kuerten was at his peak, but I remember well that when he had his backhand calibrated, it was difficult for anyone to beat him… one of the best backhands in tennis, by the way

  3. Kuerten, nice playing style, Backhand a bit ok😂, but his overall game is definitely good enough for a lot more titles, more than enough to trouble Sampras, Agassi, etc., I guess even Federer. Too bad he was setback by injuries..

  4. Gustavo Kuerten eu Juliano penso Labrador Humano apelido melhor que pessoas que não presta pra nada Impecável Federer nunca ganhou uma $ 13 Milhões esse esporte da dinheiro status só pra quem merece mesmo.

  5. Guga was magical here. but it also shows that the Federer we know was not fully born by this point. its even more impressive to think in just a few months we get to see one of the best performances at Wimbledon from the same Federer. these kind of match ups really made him until that point.

  6. I am a firm believer in the one hand backhand. These two show why. You can disguise you're shot till the last second. Power is off the charts for both guys. Love it.😁

  7. Roger Federer's career benefited from lady luck. By 2004 most of the big guns of the previous generation were hanging the racquet for varied reasons. That was the case of Rafter, Kafelnikov, Kuerten and Rios. At his prime Federer only had to contend against his age contemporaries and an already veteran Andre Agassi.

  8. I love this. There's something so elegant and graceful about this generation game. A good mix of power, finesse, it is so exciting to watch. Not just all ball-bashing. And Kuerten's backhand is absurd! 😀

  9. I love the way the young Federer didn't pronate his wrist on his backhand takeback (though you can see it beginning to creep in in this match). Then he changed it to a heavy pronation for the next dozen years before briefly reverting to no-pronation in 2017. Very odd business – neither of his coaches, Edberg and Lubicic, pronate. So why did you, Rog?

  10. Impressionante pensar que o Guga em 2003 tinha só 26 anos, e ganhou seu último Grand Slam em 2001, quando ainda era muito novo.
    Se não fossem as gravíssimas lesões, certamente teria tido uma carreira muito maior do que teve, mesmo já tendo sido gigante.
    Nível de tênis absurdo e uma pena que não teve tantos jogos com o Federer e acabou não enfrentando o Nadal no saibro.
    Teriam sido jogos excelentes, assim como esse.

  11. Federer's big weakness during his career were the wasted break points. It's incredible how he missed the break points generated against big players

  12. For me, that was the golden era of tennis. Legends like Sampras, Agassi, Courier, Becker, Chang, Muster, Kuerten, Hewitt, Rafter, Kafelnikov, Safin, Rios, Moya and Federer (at his begining)…. a countless number of stars playing at the same era. When you see a Kuerten`s game like these you realize what his early depart meant to tennis. We all miss you GuGa !!

  13. Too bad the technology and medical advances at the time it wasn't like it is today,othewise Kuerten would be able to play a little longer just like Murray.

  14. Beautiful game beautiful guy. Guga was rapidly improving his hardcourt game when injuries started taking their toll. Really was a big loss to the game to not see what he could have gone on to achieve.

  15. Both are similar same style kinda players but unlucky Gustavo faded in injuries ( honestly it looks fedrer a better player at those times but lack in services) I like this Brazilian playing in clay court

  16. Kuerten hitting amazing backhands and actually loving it every time Fed rushed the net. All I'm seeing is Fed getting easily picked off whenever he did so!

  17. Is this a generation game? Kuerten is only older than Federer by five years. Federer is older than Djokovic by almost six years, but nobody calls any of their matches a generation game.

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