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  1.   Acesta este Bob . Raspanditi-l pe YouTube in
           ☻/   fiecare coment ca sa distruga acest nou
           /▌    format de YouTube si sa-l aduca pe cel
    .      /     vechi .

  2. Honestly, I've scrolled through the entire list of videos on GTA V that IGN has uploaded, is there any fucking thing you can't do in this game?!

  3. i was still a lil upset that you can't play basketball, get tattoos, or control the weight of your characters in this edition. It's the little things i appreciate from these GTA games thats why thats why i love San Andreas for setting that bar….games still amazing don't get it twisted, but man i wanted to hit the gym and learn fighting styles etc on this game

  4. Link?

    Not a single thing I've read has said it'll be that early.

    Most people are guessing between January and March–if they even do. Which I'm sure they will and Nvidia CEO's seem to have leaked info about it.

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