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Hot Shots Tennis (Everybody's Tennis) PS4 Gameplay: New Balls, Please | PlayStation 4 | Footage

Nice shot! Sony has served up a PS4 version of Hot Shots Tennis (or Everybody’s Tennis, as it’s known in Europe) as part of today’s PlayStation Store update – and we’ve already got to grips with this PlayStation 2 conversion and captured some gameplay. Are you bowled over by this port, or do you reckon that it’s struck a double fault?

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  1. I found out something really cool recently with Hot Shots Tennis that I never noticed before. There are courses in the game which contain characters spectating From BOTH the NTSC and Japanese releases of Hot shots golf 3 and fore in the same courts, meaning that BOTH rosters are in the same universe. Pretty damn cool

  2. The PSP Everybody's Tennis had an actual story mode? I'm jealous I'm using the PS2 version.

    (In my country it's called Everybody's Tennis not Hotshots Tennis btw.)

  3. Well they seem to serve better than Rafa Nadal when he plays Djokovic.

    Umm, as far as the gameplay goes, if it's anything even remotely close to the fun that the hot shots golf games provide, I'm sold!

  4. Never knew of this previously, but it's great fun – it reminds me a lot of the original smash court tennis before they anna kournakova'd it

  5. oh my god when is it coming? I want it and hot shot golf too 🙂 both North America ?? physical disk ….. One BIG WISH that they will get Hot Shot Baseball and Hot Shot football I would be in HEAVEN !!

  6. this is to me the greatest local co-op game ever made. i've played over 3000 games of it with my bros. we play it religiously every friday. we love all games, sports, rpg, beat em up, whatever but the physics and fast action back and forth of this game along with various characters, fuck, i love this game. i hope this port is ok! can't wait to play with a modern ps4 controller!

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