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How To Dominate The Net In Tennis

How To Dominate The Net In Tennis. Welcome to video three from our volley blueprint course. In this video, Top Tennis Training coach Simon Konov is going to break down what exactly is needed to become a dominant net player in tennis.

When most players think about finishing off points, they imagine hitting powerful serves or crunching forehand winners. What is very much overlooked by players of all levels, is dominating the net. Someone who is able to close in, take time away from their opponents and use the entire width of the tennis court.

There are three main advantages of approaching the net:
The first one is very simple, if you think about the geometry of a tennis court, the further back you stand on the court, the less angle you’re able to use, simply because the net is blocking you from using short, acute angles from far back. So the closer you can get to the net, the more angles open up to you and often you’ll see the pros hitting volley winners using softer, feel volleys, that are directed towards the doubles alley instead of the baseline, so rather than relying on pure power, you’re able to exploit your opponents using the space on a tennis court.

The second advantage is by approaching the net you’re taking time away from your opponent, instead of giving them on average two seconds between shots, you’re now cutting that time in half to only one second, this means they’ll feel rushed and often will panic and hit an error or give you an easy ball that you can put away. It’s true that by coming in, you’re also taking time away from yourself but if you work on this, with the drills and tips we’ll cover inside the course, you’ll adapt and it won’t be an issue for you.

The third advantage is you’re greatly reducing the space that your opponent has to hit into.
If you’re five or six feet behind the baseline, there is no real pressure on your opponent, they have all the space they want, they are free to hit anywhere on the court.
When you attack the net in the right way, like we’ll teach you inside the volley blueprint course, you’ll force your opponents to hit into smaller spaces on the court, many players hate having to hit a specific target, especially when there is someone standing at the net.
So by coming in, you’re putting huge pressure on your opponent to come up with great passing shots while being rushed for time.

The other major advantage is that by attacking shorter balls in a match, your opponent will quickly realise that they need to keep a good length on their shots, otherwise you’ll punish them.
If you don’t attack those shorter balls, your opponents will feel like they don’t have to hit their shots deep and this will actually help them to loosen up and swing more freely because you’re not punishing their balls that land short. But by attacking those balls, you’re applying pressure and the result will be your opponents getting tighter and tighter, trying to force the ball deep and often breaking down because of this.

In doubles imagine being the player that your partner can rely on, being the one that all the players want to play with because you’re so effective at the net, because you’re able to finish the point quickly.

Now you might be thinking “Well Simon, I already know I should get to the net more often, but I don’t trust my volleying enough”

And that is exactly why we have created this course.

After going through the progressions and applying our teaching points, you’ll be a much more confident net player, you’ll be able to approach with confidence and know exactly where to position yourself to cover your opponents best possible passing shots.
You’ll be able to hit every type of volley you may have to, this includes the forehand and backhand half volley, the low volley on either side, the mid-height forehand and backhand volleys, the high ball on either side and the overhead smash.

Instead of fearing the net, you’ll actually look forward to attacking and coming forward, you’ll be actively looking for those chance balls and know exactly how to set up points with your net game.

This course is your ultimate guide to improving and mastering every part of your net game.


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  2. Whenever I hit a strong ball and approach the net, my opponent normally always hits a lob sending me back to the baseline. I’m not the tallest person so I can’t really back pedal and hit an overhead. Can you give me some tips so I can improve?

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