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IGN Reviews – Grand Slam Tennis 2 – Game Review

The latest tennis game from Electronic Arts, Grand Slam Tennis 2, should deserve a standing ovation from tennis fans everywhere. The flawless presentation, the realistic in-match gameplay, and the accurate representation of each player’s game are truly the core that drives this game. The flaws you ask? As with most tennis games, the gameplay usually gets stale after a few hours, and the commentary gets repeated very quickly. Other than that, this is a must buy for sports gamers.

Release Date: February 14, 2012
Also on: X360
Genre: Sports
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: EA Canada

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  1. And Sharapova slobber on the top spin down the line really hurts you bad that top spin so you have to close and then move back into a safe zone near the service line to get ready to hit overhead software locks or you just have to get back on the baseline to get ready to hit that lob and then drive it back in and do another approach only to see her hit love after love after love lobs and lobs

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  5. The people who reviewed this clearly don't watch tennis! The player movement, swing animations are so bad it's laughable. It all looks so ridged! Give us the player likeness next time

  6. I don't know what it is, I could play video games of Hockey, Golf, Soccer, and Tennis all day long. Very fun enjoyable games, but watching the real sport on tv puts me to sleep.

  7. How can you possibly say this is better than Top Spin? This is quite arcady, and unless you somehow prefer that to realism, Top Spin is MILES ahead in gameplay. The movement in this and Virtua tennis is such a deal breaker, it's like there are clowns runnning around on the court.

  8. After 3 years since this game was released I finally got it today & it is a very fun game. I used to have Virtua Tennis 4 and that is crap compared to Grand Slam Tennis 4.

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