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Legend Of Zelda: OoT | Ep.21 | Ghostly Tennis game!

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48 bình luận trong “Legend Of Zelda: OoT | Ep.21 | Ghostly Tennis game!

  1. DAMNIT! i played this game for 3 days just made it past the forest temple and made it to the village then i wanted a bigger quiver to hold more arrows so i went to go get the upgrade, mistakenly thinking bazaar was the actual place i went in there and got a random error, it closed on me, i restarted the emulation and all i can hear and see is black with the shop music playing.

  2. Ummm…why are you telling me this? I never even get to the part where she lays eggs because I use Deku sticks right off the bat which kills her before that stage.

  3. Record, as in time? No idea. It's probably the game I've re-played the most in my life though. When I play it, I just play it, not speed run or anything. The only thing in the game I've never bothered to finish is the Skulltula quest. xD Hate those little buggers.

  4. one thing though sly is not a try hard he just remembers what to do and if u did beat it in a hour (highly doubtful) there is no way you collected everything in the game. ( again HIGHLY doubtful)

  5. the seven sage's are dumb they could have trained him for seven years but no lets just make him sleep for seven or so years it will work out fine.

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