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  1. Nick walked away in China few yrs ago, after losing a tie breaker, got fined by ATP,.. He had great chances to win during regular time, that’s why he was pissed off,… what a role Model,…

  2. Leylah is such a champion. I feel like she doesn't get what she deserves in terms of press, praise, or attention — not from broadcasters, not from the WTA. But she will. Audiences know they're watching something special, every time she goes on court. Soon, the world will know, too.

  3. I watched the match. Amanda said she was feeling sick and had to retire, but there was no indicators of that.
    I think that was code language for an emotional/mental issue.

    She won the first set easily a lot due to poor serving and unforced errors from Leylah but also because Amanda was aggressive and dictating things.
    Second set was pretty even but Amanda had another lead and four match points, three on her own serve.

    Leylah erased those and then dominated the tie break at love.
    I hope Amanda is ok, but clearly it was not physical but something in her head and she couldn't regain focus.

  4. Anisimova était largement au dessus de Layla mais malheureusement elle a craquée mentalement avec les fautes direct ….c’est triste certaines filles sont fragiles mentalement c’est le cas de Osaka .Elle doivent apprendre de leur échec .

  5. She did not retire due to illness, my guess is she is having mental issues. Her coach just arubtly quit a couple days ago. Probably related

  6. I can honestly say Fernandez didnt beat Anisimova. She beat herself isn't wasnt a comeback for Fernandez something was wrong with Anisimova .so Fernandez wipe that smug off her face cuz she was gettn up butt wiped. She got lucky

  7. Amanda was a better player by far. I was impressed with her Game. It's only because she crumbled at the end and Made many errors. If she can developed mental toughness she Will be top ten

  8. Leylah Fernandez on court behavior is despicable. Did you see how she shakes her fist right at the player trying to intimidate them. Did you see how she showed absolutely no caring for Amanda Anisimova after she abruptly retires…either due to injury or a severely declining mental state. Women's tennis is in trouble. It is militant…especially with vermin like Fernandez. I will never watch or support that POS tennis player. Ever. Any sponsor that includes her in their branding I will not buy their product. What an ugly display of unsportsmanlike conduct along the lines of Serena Williams. Moreover, these meltdowns are happening too often. Complete meltdowns. Not good for tennis.

  9. What a game, Fernández came back and Anisimova Couldn't TAKE IT, LEYLAH IS A WARRIOR And Never Quits, guest Anisimova didn't want To get Embarrassed eh?

  10. Amanda lost it when she failed to wrap it up on the second set. I think it was the right move for her to quit. You could tell she was having serious emotional issues that she might not be able to cope with if she had continued the match. A good general knows when to surrender, they say. She can come back and fight another day.

  11. Amanda is mentally weak crying because she couldn't control her nerves. She wasn't injured at all . I think the WTA needs to fine Amanda she just gave up. Well done Leylah for being mentally tough.

  12. La seññora leila fernandez porque esta vez cuando iba perdiendo no se invento que no habia suficiente iluminacion en el estadio, o que le dolia una uña o que necesitaba ir a orinar, algo, para desconcentrar a su oponente

  13. How can your coach quitting be an excuse for just walking off like that? You play the final set unless you physically cannot. You are a professional paid huge sums of money. People pay to see you. This is ridiculous.

  14. Кто такая Фернандес? Мырка. Анисимова- это уже красавица. Спортсменка, умница.

  15. Congratulations on your win today Leylah! I really truly admire your strength, wit and determination! I also would like like to congratulate you Amanda Anisimova for playing a great match. I am very sorry to see you crying and having to retire from the match. I hope whatever is going on, you are going to be ok. Take care of yourself Amanda :))

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