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Leylah Fernandez vs Shelby Rogers | Indian Wells | 2022 BNP Paribas Open WTA Match Preview

Leylah Fernandez takes on Shelby Rogers in a Third round in Indian Wells .

0:00 – Intro
0:10 – Fernandez Anisimova recap and stats
00:52 – Leylah Fernandez Shelby Rogers Head to Head
01:28 – Fernandez vs Rogers Surface Edge and Match Note
01:43 – Leylah Fernandez Form
02:05 – Shelby Rogers Form
02:25 – Match pick


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9 bình luận trong “Leylah Fernandez vs Shelby Rogers | Indian Wells | 2022 BNP Paribas Open WTA Match Preview

  1. Leylah played on the US Open Finals 2021 and surely it isn't luck !!! Beating Osaka , Kerber , Svitolena and Sabarenka in US Open geez that was pure hardwork and determination on Leylah part not just pure LUCK !!!

  2. If Leylah trades hard hitting baseline shots with Rogers Leylah will lose, but if she
    mixes it with low to the ground slice shots where Rogers has to come in running and
    bending down low Leylah will win. Rogers strength is moving side to side on the baseline
    and over powering her opponents, but she is a big girl and a little clumsy when she has
    to run forwards and bend down low to hit her shots.

  3. On paper, Shelby is the favorite. If Shelby prepares well, she will win. At the same time, it is hard to bet against Leylah. Leylah is a fighter and an upcoming player. Shelby in 3 sets.

  4. To say that leylah is winning on luck is tantamount to saying she became a tennis player on luck. She chose to become one. So she trained. Training is discipline. Sure she wasn't built to be one physically hence the high percentage of DFs. But she compensates on her skill to tweak her plays as the match progresses. If she wins on luck she wouldn't have defended her Monterrey Cup on a five match points against her.

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