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Mario Tennis Aces – Before You Buy

Mario Tennis Aces (Nintendo Switch) is the latest Mario sports game with some slight tweaks. Is it worth the jump? Let’s talk!
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35 bình luận trong “Mario Tennis Aces – Before You Buy

  1. I find it odd that, with a sports game, one could say that there is no real replay-ability… isnt it being a sports game make it replayable?? You can always go to this to play tennis if you like the gameplay.. its all about the game play.

  2. My Switch arrives tomorrow and I'm so stoked! This game looks super fun to get for my girlfriend and I to play and break in the new Switch! Great video!

  3. Agree about it's not a game that's easy for anyone to pickup from the get go. As a party game, this sucks. Also it requires somewhat fast reflexes. Not really a game you can play with your little ones.

    But yeah, I'm currently having fun with the single player mode.

  4. is this game worth the 40 bucks (35% off at the time of writing this) for someone who has only played a mario tennis since mario tennis on the 64?

  5. My mom and I bought this (live on the other side of the world) to play together…but NOPE you can't play with friends it just creates a lobby that random people pop into so I'm super fucking pissed that I wasted money on a game that I literally won't ever play now and I made my mother waste money and time on it too since she'll also never play it either!

  6. My favorite Mario Tennis game is the one on the game cube. I loved the mini games in it and I think they should add some more mini games in Aces. I love the gameplay though. Loved your video!

  7. Dont buy it if you have drift on the right controller and also the people online only know how to play with one button y it’s fucking dumb the people who play it are shit bags and barely anyone plays

  8. Thank god there are people who explain all the pros and cons! My parents were stressing me out always asking what I want to buy on my birthday! This was a life saver because I wanted to know all the pros and cons of mario tennis aces. Thanks man

  9. I just played it today for the first time and was MAJORLY disappointed. My biggest problem with it is the intro and the tutorial. You start the game and it forces you to sit through an intro that is fine at first but ends up taking a little too long with unnecessary dialogue. Then it throws a bunch of information at you, including words that the average person has little to no clues about (tennis-specific words), and does a really poor job of explaining what your option are and do. And it tells you stuff about breaking rackets but it never really tells you how to prevent it. It just tells you to have the right timing but nothing about the timing of the trick shots and stuff feels fluid. It just tells you you did it wrong and doesn't really tell you how to do better. And then it doesn't come back on any of it. You just have to ingest all that information in two quick fights and then apply it without even having understood half of it. And it's sincerely insulting. I'm mad that that game costs 80$. It's kind of unacceptable, really.

  10. I already have assasins Creed rebellion collection to please myself while playing alone but I really wanted to buy a good multiplayer Mario game thanks for telling me about it

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