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Mario Tennis Aces – Swing Mode Explained w/ Demonstration

We take Mario Tennis Aces’ new Swing Mode for a spin and see how it stacks up to Wii Sports’ Tennis! Will you be trying out this way to play?

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42 bình luận trong “Mario Tennis Aces – Swing Mode Explained w/ Demonstration

  1. The voice matches the person perfectly. Don’t know what you’re all talking about. You can shut the fuck up now. The comments are already flooded

  2. It's actually very accurate (or accurate enough) as long as you don't overdo your swings. To help, I got the rackets with this, it's much easier that way and helps with grip and angle. I like this it's basically the first real return to at least 1/5 Wii Sports on Switch. Hope to see Mario golf so we can do Swing mode for that too.

  3. the swing mode is weird, not responding (sometimes i swing and it does nothing, sometimes i swing to the left and it swings to right, sometimes i dont move my arm and the character is swinging left and right, sometimes when i serve i swing up and nothing happens )….. or i just have bad joy-con i dont know… 🙁

  4. It looks like there is a delay in the swing. He takes a swing and it looks like a second delay before the character on screen swings. Maybe I'm trippin lol..

  5. Guys that is not Jon lol, look at the title it says "explained w/ DEMONSTRATION" so this guy is 'demonstration' and not 'jon' lol. Whoever demonstration is, never heard of him either.

  6. [looks at calender] Oh thank gosh, I thought I missed the release date. EB Games Australia don't really txt me when my pre-orders are available for pickup, anymore

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