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Monica Seles vs Jennifer Capriati in the match that changed women's tennis! | US Open 1991 Semifinal

In a match widely regarded as the introduction of the power game in women’s tennis, Monica Seles and Jennifer Capriati traded big grunts and even bigger ground strokes for nearly two hours. It appeared that Seles would race through the match after going up a set and 3-1, but Capriati reeled off five straight games to force a deciding set.

Capriati served for the match twice, but the prospect of reaching her first Grand Slam final proved too overwhelming. Seles clawed her way back and eventually took the match with a forehand winner. Afterward, a tearful Capriati raised eyebrows by lamenting that she should have been even more aggressive. Seles went on to defeat Martina Navratilova in the final for her first of two US Open titles.



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  1. Monica Seles was amazing. She did bring in the power play in woman's tennis back then. She was one dimensional though. Steffi Graf had more all round talent. Capriati well she could have been the best but couldn't handle it

  2. interesting, taking a look back….I remember this match very well. We had never really seen this much power against this much power, so to speak. And what stood out, was how intent each of them was, in just outslugging one another…neither of them, had a Plan B. Thats why the match was so fascinating. But as I watch them strike the ball, Im 'struck' by how slow the pace is…which speaks to how much, even more power, has flooded the game. Nowadays, its like watching tennis on amped up "playback speed".

  3. Seles is the most prolific teenager tennis player (men or women) ever, all her slams were as a teenager, she owned Graff and every other player of her generation.

  4. Telltale sign that you're not a regular tennis-event attendee: You can't keep yourself from making loud line calls from your seat and make an idiot of yourself. Reality: It hurts the concentration of both players; please stop!

  5. Not a fan of the "power tennis" played from the baseline. Seles could artistically play up by the net, but this match doesn't reflect that…too bad tennis took this turn…I would not consider it a good change…it's very boring.

  6. Jen was serving @ 5-4 and 6-5 in the 3rd. Seles did not shy away from the big points, she hit some amazing shots, thats why she was #1 at the time. Jen battled one of the all time greats in womans tennis to the very end. Nothing to be ashamed of there.

  7. Capriati took this loss really badly. A sign really of how bad the pressure on her had become. She was only 15 and yet her sponsors and others were piling on the pressure for her to win. Any normal 15 year old in her second US Open would have been thrilled to get to the semis and play a match like this, but Jennifer was made to feel like she was a failure.

  8. If someone with a modern racquet with modern strings hit the ball with the racquet head speed and acceleration Monica had, they'd be hitting bullets.
    Just look how she whips through the ball with so little reward in terms of speed.

  9. Monica is the best tennis player of all time.Seles is No 1 !!!!!!!

    Seles is GOAT

    Seles is the tennis God. The stabbing just made Monica immortal. Monica enters the annals of tennis. Monika is the best. She is history and her enemies are garbage.

  10. these 2 would absolutely crush the short-swinging grinding mcenroe of the time. amazing to see these 2 hitting just as hard and well as any woman on the tour today, and doing it like theyve done it all their lives. Watching navratilova and graf and evert looks like childs play of the past era. Graf as said hits a bard prominent shot from time to time and swings with decent authority but cant match the effort and form here. Was wondering when women's tennis broke out amazing to see it all right here

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