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Naomi Osaka vs. Danielle Collins | 2022 Miami Open Quarterfinal | WTA Match Highlights

Watch the Match Highlights from Naomi Osaka vs. Danielle Collins at the 2022 Miami Open.

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38 bình luận trong “Naomi Osaka vs. Danielle Collins | 2022 Miami Open Quarterfinal | WTA Match Highlights

  1. Naomi was trying to ask Danielle how she's doing but she was not interested. Maybe she didn't hear Naomi who does speak softly.

  2. They successfully made me think Collins is the winner till the end if not for the score, what not by showing Collins winning most of the points here.

  3. White female commenter is so biased. All she is doing is supporting the American white tennis player and saying nothing about Osaka who is clearly dominating this game and doing excellent with clean shots. Shows you how biased and hateful white women are. Thank you to the male commenter for being UNBIASED and calling the shots as he sees it.

  4. Collins never showed up. Or should I say, Naomi never let her show up. This was the best I've seen Naomi play this season. She seems to have found her lost motivation and desire to win.

  5. Can’t believe they have highlights for this. It was basically some good servers, some double faults, lots of easy returns by Osaka on collins’ 2nd serve, 2 neck massages, and then tennis drills.

  6. One thing I notice not only in tennis but in sports in general, when a white player makes a play they are smart but when the black player makes the same play they are instinctive or using their athlectism, bias like muthaphuck.

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