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Nick Kyrgios vs Jannik Sinner Highlights | Miami 2022

An eventful encounter between Kyrgios and Sinner, which was highly entertaining amidst controversy…SUBSCRIBE to our channel for the best ATP tennis videos and tennis highlights:

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29 bình luận trong “Nick Kyrgios vs Jannik Sinner Highlights | Miami 2022

  1. Haha I will admit I do enjoy the talent that is nick when he's on fire, but I look more forward to his next outburst. It is a real treat to watch the awkwardness of a buffoon in a gentleman's sport. Keep providing us entertainment on all fronts Mr.kyrgios

  2. This is the worst aspect of the tennis culture. Players act like they are gods. They think they are superior to umpires and they tell them all sorts of things. Players should start respecting umpires as fellow human beings and to ensure that there should be harsher penalties. For example, to call an umpire a “fucking retard” after a game should have some consequences.

  3. Gill, Carlos is not going to win a slam this year. He could, sure, so could brooksby. I would put his chances at less than 5 % and for any one player not named GOATdal, Weakvak, or Meddy Bear to have that high of a chance is pretty good.
    French: GOATdal 90%, Weakvak 7%, Tsitsipas 1%, Carlos 1%, the rest of the field 1%.

    Wimbledon: GOATdal 40%, Weakvak 40%, Berretini 5%, the rest of the serve bots 5%, Carlos 1%, the rest of the field 9%.

    USO: GOATdal 40%, Weakvak 30%, Meddy Bear 10%, All serve bots 10%, Carlos 3%, Reat of the field 7%.

    My money is on GOATdal and Weakvak taking all of the 4 slams. And if anyone else gets one, probably Meddy at the uso.

  4. Another perfect example how easily people fall into a Hypetrain in sports, after Kyrgios won 2 matches so many thought he is reborn and will now win slams xD

  5. I was disappointed to see Nick lose his temper. I really thought he had matured. I was punting for him from the beginning. Still a fan but he does need to Cool it. Sinner was amazing.

  6. When or IF Kyrgios realizes that his mental game is his weakest link and he actually takes action to strengthen in that area, he could really be consistently spectacular. He's aware that many fans enjoy his outburst mentality and has stated this in the past. Unfortunately because that "positive" aspect of his on-court behavior exists, he will likely never truly confront how much his loosely-disciplined approach takes away from his game. The best competitors will exploit your weaknesses and his are on full display for all to take note.

  7. I am a Sinner fan, but Kyrgios is right. Just because referees are snowflakes that can not handle critiques its not ok to influence the game like this. They should give a monetary penalty or something that later can be opposed but a single person should no be allowed to make such decisions in this situation!

  8. Ayer Kyrgios se porto como un reverendo imbecil, parecía un niño de 4 años, que berrinchea porque no le compran algo, una bestia, si hubiera jugado concentrado, quizas hubiera ganado el partido porque le sobra talento y es efectivo, yo lo admiro mucho, pero ayer lo odié porque fue un imbecil, Bernardez le pudo haber dado el warning antes, pero se lo dio donde mas le dolía, cuando estaba levantando el tie break, una pena Kyrgios.

  9. It's only a matter of time until a tennis player beats up the referee. Such events happen far too often and a fine is simply not enough. They don't take you seriously anymore.

  10. For those of you who jump on the Nick Kyrgios band wagon every time he turns in a quality performance (ie via Rublev)… enjoy the ride! Haha

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