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Nick Kyrgios vs Stefanos Tsitsipas: Washington 2019 Extended Tennis Highlights

Drama & high-quality tennis – Kyrgios v Tsitsipas at the Citi Open did not disappoint! Subscribe to our channel for the best ATP tennis videos and tennis highlights:

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42 bình luận trong “Nick Kyrgios vs Stefanos Tsitsipas: Washington 2019 Extended Tennis Highlights

  1. Too bad for tennis that Nick doesn't take it more serious. Tennis needs guys like Nick to bring more young crowd to like/love tennis..

  2. The two most talented and best players on the tour.
    It's not by luck they are both Greek.
    What a year by Stefanos the best in the planet.

  3. Ник легенда!!! Как же тяжело осознавать что его мы больше таким заряженным не увидим, он охладел к теннису(
    вашингтон 2019 турнир всей его жизни, спасибо за те эмоции, волшебник 😭

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