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Rafa Nadal vs Novak Djokovic BRILLIANT Hamburg 2008 Semi-Final! | Classic Tennis Highlights

Surely one of Nadal & Djokovic’s most intense, best-ever matches at ATP Tour-level…Subscribe to our channel for the best ATP tennis videos and tennis highlights:

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44 bình luận trong “Rafa Nadal vs Novak Djokovic BRILLIANT Hamburg 2008 Semi-Final! | Classic Tennis Highlights

  1. Man!!! These two play tennis out of this world, of the level of the Gods, two Gladiators, Two immensely strong Warriors trying their level best to win. Such a treat to watch these Classic Matches, especially on the Clay courts where Djokovic has given a hard time to the king Nadal.
    Soo Good.!!

  2. For me this is a much higher quality match than their Madrid 2009 clash. The latter was obviously more dramatic and it was a record breaking length, but I'd always rather watch this one for its superior tennis level.

  3. 25:47 I know Novak lost the match in his next shot but I love this play of faked dropshot and after that trying to hit the dropshot in his next shot.

  4. After this sort of gamesmanship by Rafa…djoko's folks had a nerve to feel over-proud about their champion kid… goodness…! and djoko gathered arrogance over the years… just too bad for all of them… rest of the world cattle class against Rafa's royal class that year…

  5. Look at the play from 10:40. That is why I told Matt (Coffee Tennis) that drop shots hardly worked against Nadal, back in the day. He was just too quick. And even today Nadal still does a good job of getting to most drop shots.

  6. It's easily understandable that Medvedev, Tsitsipas and Thiem (which all are great players by the way) struggle so much to beat these dudes. This quality is insane

  7. Djokovic having to play the clay like a hard court is unbelievable and it’s necessary to have a chance against Rafa by taking time away. Amazing match.

  8. Better than their Madrid 2009 semifinal, which was just tentative, shank-y attrition.

    This was fast, aggressive attrition, much more fun to watch.

  9. I don't like djokovic that much he's okay but i don't understand that he's got 15 or 16 slams but still could not defeat Nick Kyrgios, NK has 2-0 against him 😜🤔

  10. It's like watching a war. I love the Federer vs Nadal rivalry, but Djokovic vs Nadal is like two gladiators fighting to the death. Like you know they're going to put it all in every single shot until the other crumbles.

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