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Roger Federer vs Michael Chang: Monte-Carlo 2001 Tennis Highlights

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20 bình luận trong “Roger Federer vs Michael Chang: Monte-Carlo 2001 Tennis Highlights

  1. Teenage Michael Chang's win against world #1 Ivan Lendl down 2 sets to 0 and then coming back from 2 sets to 1 to defeat world #3 Stefan Edberg in the final will always be one of the most magical runs in sporting history.

  2. Notice Federer's grunting. He dropped that not too long after this. I know this may sound a little out there but this added to the allure of Federer, IMO.

    His majestic almost mystical game has even more allure without that and adds to why people are so enamored with him.

    Nadal is really the only beloved tennis player who's grunting doesn't bother fans.

  3. They is something douchey about young Federer… his look, body language, and attitude see off putting for some reason… Amazing how he transformed into such a class act.

  4. I think Chang is a legend. Federer was kind of arrogant in this match and showed Chang little respect at the end. I am a fan of both but tennis has it's moments. In the end it is a game. Many people have advantages with training and money so it gives them an edge.

  5. And thus Federer ended the era when a decent athlete with a giant racquet had a chance, and he did it with an obsolete tiny racquet and technique reserved for one in a billion. Only age and continually slowing down all surfaces did was his dominance reigned back. If surfaces hadn’t been slowed and racquets not allowed to become giant easier to use trampolines, he would be nearing 60 majors.

  6. awesome video. the beginning of the federer era and the closing of the chang era. WATCH THE POINT AT 8:56 – 9:06. Insane overhead from the baseline by Fed

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