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Serena Williams & Conan Play Wii Tennis | Late Night with Conan O’Brien

(Original airdate: 02/01/07) Conan challenges tennis legend Serena Williams to a Wii Tennis match.

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Serena Williams & Conan Play Wii Tennis | Late Night with Conan O’Brien


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25 bình luận trong “Serena Williams & Conan Play Wii Tennis | Late Night with Conan O’Brien

  1. Why do so many African American women try to make it look like they have have white women's hair? Oh yeah…. anything is better than an afro.

  2. Wii had only come out several months before this, so getting the console was still pretty much impossible. Nobody really realized how much hype there really was about this simple sports game; not even Nintendo.

    Fun to see that Conan and Serena had the same reactions as everyone else playing for the first time in 2007.
    "All I'm doing is hitting a ball, why is this hard?"

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