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Tennis In Slow Motion

Tennis is such a hectic game that it’s sometimes necessary to just slow the whole thing down. And when you do it looks even more spectacular.


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  1. Tennis the best sport in the world. Great exercise, can play into your 90s. Can simply hit ball against the wall by yourself. So many great options to stay fit. 🎾

  2. @lxvlx Lol mouth fluttering in the breeze. Yeh I guess you have a point there. I thought you were referring to the slow motion replay of the point.

  3. @BennyBulldog3 Often there are wonderful points that are worth replaying in normal time which are replaced by 30 second slow montion break downs of shit like a closeup of someones mouth fluttering in the breeze.. While this is entertaing from time to time it is quite irritating after every point…esp the good points.

  4. tennis is truely amazing, my dream is to be a famous tennis player when im older, i may not achieve that dream but i think ive got what it takes, i can beat my dad for starters 🙂

  5. @lxvlx Are you missing any of the game while the replay is going or is it in between points?! What else are you going to be watching? Some people will complain about anything.

  6. Nice vid. Slo Mo is the gear! Some of the montages on TV have been amazing. I think I would have preferred it without the old-style, to see the detail. But nice work all the same.

  7. @Gorbisch yeah man.. wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy over the top! Im sure like two peeps are in the editing office stoned out of their minds getting off on the slow mo.

  8. LMFAO!, i was just listening through my itunes while watching this, and Bullet for my valentine – your betrayal came on, should DEFINATELY mute it, and play that song while watching this… it's sooooo good lol

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