6 bình luận trong “Tennis Men's Singles Final (Day 9) | 28th SEA Games Singapore 2015

  1. This is one sports that lacks support from the government. Filipinos can compete at the highest level only if supported from Elementary Grades up to college. It does not require height like most of other sports. The govt thru Dep Ed really has to look into it.

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  3. The Indonesian guy Susanto is good player, he recently made finals in India and his highest ranking was also about 980, the Thai player was good in Juniors he was top 80, but he was also top 900 in ATP. Both of these players are good, I know the ranking is not like top 100 or top 200 players but these players can take out some of the top 500 atp players and it's interesting to watch them play even in real life.

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