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Tennis Players – Saturday Night Live

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When it comes to tennis snob Richard (Tom Hanks) will learn the hard way: the more arms the merrier. Aired 05/06/06

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43 bình luận trong “Tennis Players – Saturday Night Live

  1. Douglas (Will Forte) was trying to keep Skip (Chris Parnell) "at bay", but what he forgot is that Skip cannot be kept at bay. Skip is… Bayless.

  2. At 2:15, when he says he was "brunching with Ilie Năstase", he means the Romanian tennis player who told Serena Williams her baby will turn out like milk and chocolate. Ilie is one of the most ill-pronounced foreign names I've ever heard. Thought I would allude to the metatext of their conversation haha

  3. One of their best skits. To the point where it could be used in a college course on improv and sketch comedy. The way they skipped from a three armed dude to a 7 armed dude was absolute genius. A normal person would have just went with a four armed dude lol and it would have been funny still but I literally threw my phone when I saw bill come out lolol

  4. I literally am healing broken ribs from a car accident and just have been binging SNL and Bill Hadar's 7 arm outfit put me over the edge. It hurt to laugh like that but it was worth it

  5. Does this sketch exist in the same universe as Mortal Kombat (the new one came out yesterday on HBO) and Bill Hader is playing a relative of #Goro …because I #really want to see THAT sketch❗️ #GorBRO #NailedIt

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