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  1. It's funny how Patrick McEnroe chastised David Ferrer for doing that. If Andy Roddick did something similar, Pmac would've said "hey somebody needs to get the baby out of the stadium because I'm such a total homer for A-Rod."

  2. Is this really a news story? My goodness, leave Ferrer alone! He could have reacted in a MUCH poorer way. I don't see anything wrong with this at the all. But hey, the baby stopped crying nevertheless!

  3. lobs ball at crying baby… "the ball did not go anywhere near the crying baby" hahahaha, and some people actually get behind these media douche bags

  4. wish there was a law that allowed people to kick out parents and their crying infant bags of shit in public places i.e. theater/restaurant/TENNIS match

  5. Oh and fuck robin roberts er whatever her name is.  Bet if there was a crying baby on that news set while she was talking she'd probably go drop an elbow on it er somethin.

  6. I hate parents that bring their screaming brat infants everywhere. Theaters, restaurants, sporting events, etc. If they don't shut up, don't just sit there and act like it's fine… GTFO. Other people are paying to be there too.

  7. Oh please… it's as if these fans suddenly forget just how god damned annoying kids are. Try having a seat on a bus, or plane or crowded food court with a baby screaming and you'll remember just how god damned annoying kids are. It's not like he just ran into the stands, grabbed the kid and then lobbed him onto the court, but everyone just HAS to make an issue out of it like finally having enough of a crying baby distracting you into frustration.

  8. They're trying to make the professional athlete look bad for getting upset when some asshole brings an infant that's distracting him from how he puts food on his table. I don't understand why he wasn't removed or even let in in the first place. I guess it's the stadium's fault too.

  9. you don't throw something at an infant to make it stop crying!!!!
    jesus man it's a new born human being..

    ……you shake 'em to stop their crying

  10. Ball was not even close to the kid, this is a pro so if he wanted to hit the kid who would have at least come pretty damn close. Also, who brings a kid to be baked in the sun while you are watching a tennis match, knowing that he will probably cry at least part of the time. dumb dumb dumb.

  11. You're making a big deal out of nothing; the ball came no where near the kid. We dont even know for sure if he was specifically aiming the ball at him,, why jump to such a rash conclusion?

  12. Parents have the right to be able to enjoy as much as anyone else. The comments on here are sad. Yes maybe they should've removed themselves until the infant had calmed down, however to say a grown man, wait no a professional tennis player has the right to aim a ball or any object at anyone, it disgusting! I hope you all become infertile! Wish someone threw a fast ball at you. Would explain the problems you all have in your head!

  13. and the father just stays in there with the baby crying – me and my child are more important than this professional game of tennis. what a self important / narcissistic arsehole.

  14. so sad he didn't hit the rude father who annoyed the whole stadium, what a fvcking stupid idea to take a baby, moreover a baby which cannot behave, to a tennis match, just disrespectful

  15. The other player had the same "distraction" from the stands. If he had actually hit the crying baby, would the police have stepped in and made an attempted homicide arrest? Where are the police when an "athlete" goes bad? That is setting a terrible example for the children when they are not arrested for their felonies on the field, don't you think.

  16. Yes this news channel is biased and trying to make something out of nothing. It is very frustrating to have a distraction like that when you are partaking in a game that could influence your career but in saying that the idiot in the crowd should never have taken his baby (to a tennis game?) in the first place.

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