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Tennis Tactics – When To Hit Spin or Slice or Flat Shots in Singles

Tennis Tactics – When To Hit Spin or Slice or Flat Shots in Singles.
Knowing when to hit the right shots in tennis is vital if you want to stand a chance of winning tennis matches. Where to aim in singles is the first half of the puzzle but making the correct the decision on the type of shot you want to hit is the second. Coaches Alex Slabinsky and Simon Konov break down the tennis technique to help you make the right choices.

Will you choose a topspin or a slice or flat shot and what does it depend on? What technical changes do each one of these shots require?

The best ATP and WTA players in the world make these decisions instantly and they have perfected their skills through years of training and competing. Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal have completely mastered it. But it is not just the pro player than can learn these tactics in tennis, simply understanding a few simple concepts you can start to implement them into your own game too!

Let us know below if you have enjoyed the video and what shot do you struggle with the most?

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  2. I searched up how to use slice, and I found a whole tutorial about what exactly I was looking for! I'm really confused on when to use flat shots ad slices so this really helped

  3. Hey Simon & Alex, question for you: I've started playing singles regularly against a guy who's an ex-squash pro. He's a solid all round tennis player but he slices EVERTHING. He has a low knife-slice which skids across the court plus an impressive volley and decent drop shot. Any tips on how to beat knife-slice and volley players please?

  4. Love your vids!!
    You guys make the best videos. 😀
    Thank you for making these videos because then I wouldn’t be as good as I am right now.

  5. Can you guys put up more training videos of match play and high level drills of your students and yourselves? Your production quality is getting better as time goes by but your content is getting more and more static. I think as a tennis community love seeing high level dynamics (highlights) as well as hearing the video essay format where you're spoon feeding us information. Keep up the good work!

  6. I love your videos, especially when the two of you work together! I have a question:

    When I hit a flat forehand, I tend to change my grip from semi-western to eastern. I'm wondering how common this is. I know the prevailing wisdom says you should always keep the same forehand grip, but I'd like to know if this grip change is something the pros do.

  7. excellent tips.

    love the court as well. do you know who manufactures the court covering? would you be able to share that info with me?

    thank you.

  8. Nowadays we see a lot players lobbing the balll in the air as a defensive shot when cornered by a good shot .. how good an idea it is to poach at the net during a rally?

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