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Tennis World Tour | First 20 Minutes | Nintendo Switch

First look of Tennis World Tour on Nintendo Switch

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24 bình luận trong “Tennis World Tour | First 20 Minutes | Nintendo Switch

  1. Watching this feels like I am really waiting for the world to end. I am guilty for looking at this, but why the HELL would you wanna get this if you have mario tennis. A game that is actually FUN

  2. This looks dreadful. Such a shame how it turned out. AO Tennis is far better but that was bad at launch so got terrible reviews which hurt sales and makes it almost impossible to find an online game.

  3. Dalle recensioni, si dice che questo gioco faccia schifo.. ero intenzionato ad acquistarlo, ma dopo aver letto queste recensioni negative, ho rimandato l'acquisto di questo gioco, visto che hanno confermato che il gioco verrà completato entro il 2019 con delle patch..

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