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The Most Genius Plays in Tennis!

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48 bình luận trong “The Most Genius Plays in Tennis!

  1. Only one genius ever in tennis and that's John Patrick McEnroe. Lots of talented players who do the basics very very well but to invent and execute on the biggest stages at the biggest moments take a bow Mac.

  2. At least Federer is a gentleman and a has won 20 grand slams, nick has the game to beat anyone out there but not the mental capacity and is happy with just making a living on the tournaments that he entres.

  3. What is genius actually? Some points seem to be like played by a computer. There are these boundaries and these limits and the best you can do lies here. That's the feeling I have from players like Djokovic, Murray or Nadal. They're great but it feels to me kinda they're just doing the orthodox in the best way possible – in PC gamer language "the meta".

    While Federer, Kyrgios, Monfils, Dustin Brown, sometimes Wawrinka are really kinda out of ordinary, "out-of-meta", completely fresh and eye-opening.

  4. How talented Kyrgios WAS and how he wasted his talented and is now irrelevant as a player. Witness the Laver Cup where he thought he was going to just kill it.

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