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49 bình luận trong “TOP 10 WORST ATP TENNIS MISSES!

  1. it's funny because if you're a real amateur like me and my friends you never ever practice over hand smashes and there almost ALWAYS an error lmao

  2. Of course a Western run tennis channel is going to put Djokovic as number 1 worst misses. They can't stand him winning against everybody. #NoleTheGoat

  3. This list doesn’t prove Djokovic made number one miss by any means. It showed the charm of tennis and everyone is a human being. We should think of this video when we make a bad shot and shake it off and then focus on the next shot.

  4. Why do you atp guys not like novak? Can you not just accept that he is the best and better than rafa and roger? And his smash is harder to hit because of the sun nishikori's smash was at night and yes there were lights in nishikori miss but the sun is the same colour as the ball and the lights are not. Plus that federer's misses were easier to not miss

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