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Who’s ready to swing some racquets and hit some balls? The Try Guys are trying tennis with their friends! Which of these pal pairings will be the best match?

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Valeriia Efimenko
Pro Tennis Coach & Player

YB Chang @xoybox

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Executive Producer – Zach Kornfeld
Executive Producer – Eugene Lee Yang
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Editor – Devlin McCluskey
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30 bình luận trong “Try Guys & Friends Try Tennis

  1. As someone who's done tennis for 10 years, they did pretty good for their first time. None of them are Pros yet, but they fared pretty well for people who've only had a brief lesson.

  2. The only thing about this that I don’t like is when some of them use one handed backhands. Unless if your Federer or good enough player, don’t do it because it can become such a weakness but that’s just my opinion

  3. The origin of love is basically french… the french used to call 0 as l’ouef cause zero looked like an egg and it means egg in french…so that kid of went on from there and the now use love all over…soo yeahh! Just a little bit of an interesting fact!

  4. My only experience with tennis is when my older sister (by one year) signed up for summer camp and at the last minute decided she didn’t want to go so my parents made me go in her place and as an 8 yr old I had to explain why my name was actually Tristan and not Teal (my sisters name that they expected to be there).
    Long story short, I sucked at tennis and told them Teal was a nickname that I don’t use any more….

  5. iirc the yells are mostly to mask the spin of the ball
    apparently you can tell what spin is on the ball from the impact sound, so grunting/yelling upon impact keeps that information from the opponent

  6. Watching Michelle do the drills made me know how my father must have felt watching when I played sports. He would always tell me to stop laughing and take it seriously

  7. The aspiring hospital molecularly share because description psychologically ruin apud a false familiar famous milk. possible, glib drum

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