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Tsitsipas SALTY in defeat to Brooksby 🇺🇸 | GTL Tennis News

Tsitsipas is knocked out of Indian Wells by Jenson Brooksby and his comments after the match wasn’t too positive towards the American.


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24 bình luận trong “Tsitsipas SALTY in defeat to Brooksby 🇺🇸 | GTL Tennis News

  1. Talk about trying to diminish the skills of someone you have just lost to- remember Fereder's sour-grapess ungracious remarks about Djokovic beating him at the USOpen in 2011- I think it was 2011. Federer had 2 match points and Djokovic erased them both- the first one with a screaming cross-court forehand. Djokovic eventually won the match and Federer was so unpleasant about it. He said it was luck and that he , Federer , never went for swashbuckling type shots in situations like that…Bottom line – Roger was not good enough in the clutch.., thus he lost

  2. Tsitsipas said nothing wrong or disrespectful. The horrified pearl clutching when a tennis player coughs in another's direction is embarrassing. Comparisons to Zverev are so out of line. Tennis needs this, it's no wonder the younger generation won't watch when any semblance or drama or rivalry has to be kept consistently uber-respectful or else the up tight middle class tennis fans lose their minds. So so dull.

  3. for the ultimate definition of saltiness see hands shake in: 1. djokovic vs nadal 2007 Indian wells and 2. djokovic-nadal Miami 2007 (just one week apart)

  4. Unfortunately between AO and Djokovic, Zverev and the umpire's chair. This Saltyness is adding to the mens tennis drama. Uncle Tony was the genious…no drama just win RAFA. WIN.

  5. The Greek player was a petulant child. His childish stubbornness was on full display at the Rotterdam Trophy Ceremony, taking away from Felix's winning moment. It's gross. It's childish. It's disrespectful. No fan here.

  6. no one takes defeat well. give the guy a break…. honestly English is not the guy's first language.. I like Brooks…he is a smart player… But Tsitsi is not playing well either since losing to Novak at the FrENCH open…

  7. Why Not Hold Pre-Match Pressers Where the players can go back & forth with threats, insults & name calling like in the UFC? You Know Medvedev & Kyrgios would sign up~Dana White Could Face them off afterwards~It certainly would sell more tickets~

  8. I don't happen to think it's any big shock, and so I agree with you guys! This guy Brooksby is about as clever a tennis player as I have seen in a long time. He had my heart in my throat when he took that first set from Novak last year in New York. There is a LOT of potential here… As for Stefanos and his behavior, he and Sasha are establishing themselves as great but inconsistent players who have behavioral issues that will hopefully subside as they get older. Thanks JG for the news!

  9. If Tsitsipas wasn't so full of s***, he might be able to retain more water and dissolve some of that extra salt he keeps carrying around in his body 😂

  10. I dont like him at all…he thinks his so great…better players them him out there…thats for sure!…Tsitsipas HATES loosing!…horrible tennis player!

  11. All the top players . ?.. lost to under rated players?!!!! thats nature's Law ?!!.. if u R not on a. good day ??!!. u gonna loose !!!.. no comparison !!??!.. of tsitsipas!!! the greek Russian?!!!..and the american!??…

  12. Tsitsipas is a small cat that doesn't know how to fight :). Medvedev is the only younger top ten player that I respect right now. That and maybe Berretini

  13. Zverev, Tsitsipas.. although they do that differently, these top 10 tennis players are showing a lack of class and respect. I won't support them ever, for sure. I think Brooksby can defeat Norrie, but not – eventually – Alcaraz.

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