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Ukraine Crisis | Russian Tennis Player Writes 'No War Please' On Camera Lens After Match

Russian tennis player #AndreyRublev made a strong statement against Russia’s war with Ukraine. Rublev competed in the Dubai Championships and defeated Hubert Hurkacz of Poland, advancing to the finals. And after the match was over, he approached a television camera to write “no war please” across the lens.

#RussiaUkraineWar #NoWar

Video: TNS Sports
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37 bình luận trong “Ukraine Crisis | Russian Tennis Player Writes 'No War Please' On Camera Lens After Match

  1. Getting rid of any politicians, foundations, agencies or associations with American influences probably would have helped but it's many yrs too late for that.

  2. If your people do not want war than remove Putin and his generals from there offices. The people of Russia have the power to stop there government.

  3. You don't have any right to put any conditions in front of me over that you lost all your rights on me and any chance to even talk with me..simple as that now your problem is only yours..not my problem..i am out of it

  4. BS, it's not a war. Weird to see a Russian support the western corporate media like this – even bizarre. His own country is a far better place to live. He must have been paid to pull off this stunt.

  5. I just love this. War is bad when white people are the targets. No one gave a damn about the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Palestine, etc. Even now, the people of Yemen have been getting massacred for over a decade. As a young black man, now I understand what white privilege means.

  6. Russian ppl are feeling different lot than russian govt or president Putin they don't give a damn about NATO mostly don't know what's NATO they believe nato expansion is not bad for Russia or ukrain join nato is not bad I literally feel bad for the citizens of Russia 😭 they have to suffer from sanction companies all over the world end their business in Russia it taught u that ur country need to be self sufficient enough to not bother by USA

  7. What's sad is approximately 90% of Russians do not want this war and I would venture to say it's more than that and yet they war anyway.

  8. ukraine worked with israel to invent covid-19. the funding came from the defense ministry. obviously it was a bio weapon. why are u guys supporting the bad guys. russia did a favour otherwise this world would have become unlivable for regular people. just 2 presidents had covid cause they didnt support support israel's plan. everyone else either invented their own vaccine or got the original one before the launch in china… its funny. russia did save us but had a bad motive😂. that tennis player probably will die due to another bio weapon if ukraine is spared. abd why do u think israel is helping to stop war when it kills palestine people on a daily basis for fun. surely they can take over palestine if they really wanted . but they just kill em for fun. one palestine guy came to our country for graduation and he lost his entire family cause a certain ruler decided to frame them as terrorists

  9. The pain you can see in his eyes is his pain, the pain in his eyes that you see is also the pain the entire world has as well for the very same reason.

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