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Ultimate Doubles Strategy For Success – Tennis Lesson

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Do you struggle in doubles? Are you hitting to the correct opponent or getting crushed by returns? We are breaking down the most basic tennis doubles strategy so you can have the most success in your next doubles match!

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  1. Here's some more helpful doubles lessons:
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    Thank you so much for watching today and supporting this channel!

  2. I been coaching high school tennis for a long time. A couple of observations. Doubles requires more skills that include volley and overheads because these situations happen more often. For every half hour I spend on tactics I probably spend an hour teaching skills dealing with volley and overheads. Split step and footwork are essential in developing these skills. The doubles alley is 4.5 feet wide and allows you to hit cross court to move your opponents to the side so your partner can cut off the return and hit up the middle between or at the feet of an opponent at the net. Players have to try to work as a team not have one player hitting ground strokes with the other player guarding the alley watching a singles match. Basic rule player closer to the ball makes the shot. So many players just stand and watch the ball pass by a couple a feet away because they are not confident or comfortable hitting a volley. You got to do the drills to build the skills. You got to practice the way you want to play.

  3. Thanks for the upload. I sought out this video as I am really struggling with my net play in doubles and I fear it is due to the low weight of my racket. I play with a Wilson Clash 100L (light) and feel on net play the ball literally dies and i can hardly make a proper return even if I am in a good position. Any thoughts on this would be most helpful.

  4. i feel comfortable hitting a topspin lob. if your opponents are both at net, how do you decide if you should perhaps hit a clean shot over the middle, or go for the crosscourt lob? yes the lob is lower % but greater reward

  5. Sometimes the trouble with hitting down the middle is that the poacher can really take advantage of the shot. If you know the net player poaches a lot, it can be productive to hit down the line. Otherwise make sure the shot is crosscourt enough to avoid the poach. this is a really good video for most amateur players.

  6. Got anything on communicating the serve placement? The majority of rec players don't but I believe if you can place your serve consistently, why not use signals to communicate that?

  7. Due to covid19 it is prohibited to play dubbles in my country. In my experience net players at lower level. Feel it they are playing mean when targeting the other net player. It even causes tension certainly if you play mix. Hitting towards the female player at the net even if you don't try to hit her. I stopped playing mix dubbles because of that. To much drama

  8. Great stuff Ian. Looking forward to more dubs vids as that is what a large majority of tennis players play outside of junior tennis.

  9. 5:46 – "that doesnt mean you're literally trying to hit them"

    sweats perfusely while staring at Ians ankles

    Thanks for the tips for dubs @essentialtennis !

  10. Thanks Ian. Since doubles is my game of choice these days having some info on strategy is very helpful. the issue I have is finding a partner who wants to learn and follow some sort of game plan.

  11. I play in two doubles leagues and nothing aggravates me more than having a partner who refuses to put balls away and just "gets it back". Drives. Me. Crazy.

  12. Hi Ian! I think you have a great opportunity to make videos aimed towards 4.0-5.0 players – I don't really see many videos around this skill level. I love the match play you're doing on your channel recently and think you can really expand into this category as well!

  13. Awesome tips!! You described me perfectly, when I panic and not sure if I’m a net player or baseline, down the “middle” is where I need to go!!! 🙏🏽🎾😜🙏🏽

  14. That makes sense, I've always been hitting average pace (slower than average compared to others) shots to the baseline or deeper player. No wonder I'm always losing.

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