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  1. i played it but i just couldnt play decent, the controls arent realistic its more like an arcade game than simulation, its like playing an arkanoid game, cant give effect to the ball, and the worse part was moving, i could never swing properly after moving.

  2. I notice no difference with the Motion Plus Attached, plus i have the blue bar at the top of my player, this video does not have that. Am I missing a setup setting? Thanks

  3. VT2009 also has other issues… the framerate takes a hit sometimes, the lighting looks bland, the menus are bad… I'm not sure why, but if the wii hardware can render beautiful games like Mario Galaxy and The Conduit, I'm guessing the VT guys didn't have enough time to polish the graphics and user interface.
    Grand Slam Tennis took another approach and looks slick, although I don't know which game controls better with the M+

  4. I believe there's two modes, like mario tennis play on wii.
    In one of them, you control the character.
    In another, the character moves automatically.

  5. thanks. i wondering if the game did had wifi. the title is great but virtua tennis is more appealing. nintendo should make just Mii Tennis and see which mii is the best tennis player.

  6. Online with PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 AND Nintendo Wii too ? It's fantastic!

    Ps. Nice game, nice control, nice ideas… But bad graphic. (On the other hand I'm getting this game in any casexD)

  7. I love tennis games on the wii because the player is actually playing. You just press buttons on the Ps3 and the 360. However, the main reason why i am getting this because this gives me a good workout and this has online. See you online guys. 🙂

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