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Wheelchair Tennis' Ones to Watch at Tokyo 2020 | Paralympic Games

Wheelchair tennis at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games will be contested at the Ariake Tennis Park between 27 August and 4 September. Check out who will be competing for gold. Who’s your favourite?

The International Paralympic Committee’s vision is to make for an inclusive world through Para sport. Our mission is to lead the Paralympic Movement, oversee the delivery of the Paralympic Games and support members to enable Para athletes to achieve sporting excellence.

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  1. He took more effort than a healthy player…ur motivations is highest than higher ….we have to learn from them

  2. Σας τρώνε. Παράγουν αθλητές. Θέλουν χάος. Το 65-80% είναι τροχαία, νοσοκομεία κ. α.
    Καλή δύναμη.

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