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When Roger Federer Unleashed The SABR On The Tennis World! #Shorts

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35 bình luận trong “When Roger Federer Unleashed The SABR On The Tennis World! #Shorts

  1. When I was in college there was this guy who was 6'6, while I was only 5'7. I used to have to do this with every serve because otherwise the ball would go over my head or I'd have to be way back to the fence. Needless to say, Roger makes it look easy…it is not

  2. SABR worked well on faster surfaces but bcoz most courts on tour are either slow or medium fast, they didn't gave the result which Roger would have expected

  3. Roger is the only exponent who literally invented new shots that were not only deadly effective but great to look at! You don't become the first to reach 20 slams for nothing.

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