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Wii Sports Club – Game & Watch (Tennis & Bowling Video Tour – Wii U)

We check out the Japanese version of Wii Sports Club and play all of the available modes for both Tennis and Bowling! Check out how this game looks and plays on the Wii U with Wii Motion+!

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50 bình luận trong “Wii Sports Club – Game & Watch (Tennis & Bowling Video Tour – Wii U)

  1. Yeah it is a rip off but Nintendo just don't have a clue when it comes to downloadable content prices or game prices. . They still live in the 90's 

  2. Wait wait wait… you can no longer throw the bowling ball toward the unsuspecting players behind you? Lame… but still might get Bowling anyways.

  3. After adding the other sports from Wii Sports, I sure hope Wii Sports Resort sports are also getting added on. It would be wrong to NOT do that. =D

  4. Downloading the actual software is free. Each sport costs $10 for a purchase or you can buy a "day pass" (aka "rent") for each sport for 24 hours for a much lower price. Lots of different options here. But if you're keen to buying all 5 sports once all 5 are released, it's gonna cost you around $50.

  5. GameXplain, for the B button on Bowling you chose the automatic option. There is a manual option where you can release B. They introduced the automatic option in Wii Sports Resort.

  6. 0:00 That's actually the case in LOTS of Wii U games (at least in a lot of the games I own…Wind Waker, Nintendoland and Mario Bros/Luigi U are the ones I can remember 100% atm)

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