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Wii U – Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash E3 2015 Trailer

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33 bình luận trong “Wii U – Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash E3 2015 Trailer

  1. I'm one of those people that gave it a dislike and still bought it brand new last year for $20… i'm not removing my dislike, this game was barely something and the Wii U needed SOMETHING in all caps.

  2. This game wasn't perfect but it had more gameplay and modes then nerds and snoys led on. 4 gameplay modes plus the single player main mode was an endless tournament with bosses that saved progress if you won. You were given rackets instead of trophies. Game had vanilla tennis, beach ralley ball mode, the mushroom mode, amiibo training mode. The gameplay was a lot of fun but no motion controls which was very unfortunate. This was the era where snoys and game journalists were tryin to milk the Wii U doin less numbers but wreckin the reputation of every game in hopes they could speed up the next Nintendo console and bash that too. It didn't work.

  3. This could’ve been on the 3DS. Because after all, it’s another game Nintendo made just so the Wii U can live longer.

    Also, when the game launched it was 30 dollars. 30 dollars for a filler game.

  4. Even though the Wii u was a failed console it had many games all it was was the trailer… I think that if you would have explained the console more than you did it would have been more successful than the Nintendo switch I think that people thought that it was just an add-on to the Wii and didn't buy it to that reason because they thought that they had everything for the wii and what was the point of getting it if they had the Wii and what was the point for such an expensive add-on but I think that if you brought it out once more and if you explained it more that people would buy it and people would love it and I know it and if you brought out more games for it people would buy them I'm 11 and I remember the Wii u trailers they did not make sense I was five and fluent in English and even though I don't have a Wii u I am still scrabbling for one please bring it out again because this time it will not fail it will succeed because the Wii u was ahead of its time and people didn't understand it I am a big fan of the Wii u and Nintendo and I would do everything I can to bring it back again knight not have one but people on YouTube say how good it is not how bad it fell and because it fell you didn't carry on and I want it to come out again not just for my wellbeing but for everyone's my friend has one and my other friends say 'Wow that Wii u is the bomb. I wish I bought one but the trailer just didn't make sense' and for the people that bought one they said that it was so good that they wish that they had another just so when they are charging the gamepad they could play on the other because it is so good. So please bring it out again and I hope that it inspired you to bring it out again. Thank you for your time.

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