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Yonex VCORE Pro 97 (310) Tennis Racquet Review 🙌

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Packing a more flexible beam, this update is ideal for intermediate and advanced players who want spin, speed and feel. For 2021, Yonex tweaks the shaft geometry to help the racquet bend more effectively during impact. They’ve also added a slightly thicker beam for extra pop and stability. Under the hood, Yonex adds 2G-NAMD (Flex Force) to the graphite layup. This is designed to help the frame snapback more effectively during impact. Other material updates include Flex Fuse which involves a soft polymer in the layup for added comfort. Yonex’s signature technology remains the ISOMETRIC head shape, which creates a larger sweetspot and more forgiving feel. As with the previous generation, this update includes VDM (Vibration Dampening Mesh), a handle technology used to reduce harsh impact vibrations.

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* This content was filmed on a private court following all social distancing guidelines provided to us by the USTA and local government. Precautions were made to stand at least 6+ feet apart at all times, sanitize equipment before and after use, each playtester using their own overgrip/tennis balls and washing hands before and after play.

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36 bình luận trong “Yonex VCORE Pro 97 (310) Tennis Racquet Review 🙌

  1. I never played so good in my life as with this racket. Had an adjustment period of 6 games, but the control and my power were ridicoulous. I was hitting more agressively and taking shots out the air. My friends were stunned by my performance on the serve. I went from losing 50% of serve games to winning them all. However, after using this one I have a lot of armpain and cannot play anymore, also had no touch. Spin was lacking on the FH as well. Is there a comparable racket that is more manouvreable, so I can get spin and no more arm pain? Edit:my UTR is 11

  2. Hi guys! I would like to know how many knots to string my Yonex with, since I heard that by stringing with 2 knots there is a risk that the racket will deform. Thank you very much, greetings!

  3. Hello, I currently use the Vcore Pro 310 2019 model and love the racket. I did demo this new version but I don't like the less stiff and thicker frame. I don't like how the ball feels on contact with my racket, doesn't feel like I can control it that well. It is a tough time to upgrade rackets due to Covid but I do need some in an urgency. Some racket options that I am interested in is the Dunlop CX Tour 200 16×19 as it is a similar spec wise racket to what I currently have. I wouldn't mind just getting a new frame of my current model but Yonex do not provide that in their college package.

  4. Thanks for the reveiw, i'm currently playing with vcore 98. but im looking for a more comfort and control oriented frame that has access to spin as well. how's the top spin with the vcp 97. also i have wrist issues so i want a frame with RA 60-62. What do you guys think about the vcp as spin potential?

  5. You best use a rubber band, it gets rid of the ting noise without losing the feel and it only weights 1g as opposed to an average of 5gs for a dampener.

  6. i loved this racket. the sweet spot is way bigger than a pro staff that is also 97 for instance. I feel the sweet spot is even bigger than both patterns v8 blades that is 98

  7. How would you compare this with Yonex vcore 97 (HD) and Wilson blade v8 (16*19) in terms of power. spin and comfort. I am looking for the most comfortable one with least power and good top spin?

  8. The text review for Vcore Pro 97 is still not posted at Tennis Warehouse web. Is there any plan to post the text review for this racquet ? Thanks.

  9. I’m demo-ing this racket now and I love the feel and spin! Flat serves were not as powerful but the kick/slice serves were so spiny and easy to generate racket head speed. How do I increase the SW while preserving the 7 pts HL? It needs a tad more stability and plow though.

  10. I have always used 18×20 racquets but 320 grams of the 97D is a tad high, 310 is my ideal weight. How easy is it to transition to a 16×19 like the 97 310. Is the 16×19 on the 310 very open? I wish it was 16×20 on the 310 🙁

  11. In your honest opinion. Do you think that the VCORE Pro 97 310 offers more power than the Pro Staff 97 315? I'm looking for a frame that plays with the control of the Pro Staff 97 but offers a bit more pop and comfort as I've been dealing with some mild tennis elbow lately. I would be adding a few grams of lead to the tip of the VCORE 97 310 just as I do my Pro Staff 97 315. I'm trying to decide if it's worth the purchase or not. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

  12. Is the SW really 318? I was watching another review (tennisnerd) and they said that would be actually around 327.. That they´d wait for your complete written review to confirm…

  13. I´m loving the Vcore 95 2021 weighted up to 340 grams. How does this racquet compare to the VC95 ´21 in terms of control and feel?

  14. Don't demo or test a racquet designed for control and precision and complain about the lack of free power. That's not what this racquet is made for. This one is for players who like to keep the ball in the court, hit their spots and set up points to rip winners. Can't wait to hit this one!

  15. Hi tennis warehouse, I've been playing with the wilson 95s (18×16) ever since high school. I've been wanting to get an upgrade but I don't know if they updated the line (it's not a pro staff). What would be the closest racket to my current racket in todays market?

  16. HI guys, i’m a 22years old player, i play with a full western forehand (with a lot spin) and i would define myself mainly a baseliner but I like also coming to the net or trying some “touch” shot. I’ve played for 10 years with the pure aero and now i would like to change it. The main problems that i found with the pure aero is that it’s a little bit unstable and unpredictable and i have hard time when it comes to close the point (missing long or going to the net). I would like to find a racket that allows me to spin my forehand but also that can give me more control and feel of the ball. I’ve been testing the vcore 98 but i’m not 100% convinced. What do you suggest?

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